ChiYork Productions LLC is a multi-faceted film and video production company actively engaged in the business of writing, directing, and producing all facets of media projects.  Originally founded in 2008 as an independent film company, ChiYork has expanded into a full service studio, creating content from all stages of the production process, from conception, to script development, through production, inclusive of narrative film, documentaries and promotional videos. We deliver quality cinematic production values and exceptional storytelling throughout the creative process. 

ChiYork Productions has produced short films that have been showcased on HBO, ABC, CBS and NBC, as well as promotional and branded content for a variety of companies, with clients such as Ford, the American Black Film Festival, and Summit Academy Charter School.  

The ChiYork team is Derrick Anthony, Writer, Director, and Producer; Amelia M. Winfree, Managing Producer; and Daphne Gaines, Creative Producer.